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Consultor Imobiliário Zome at ZOME Braga

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Albertino Fernandes - CI Zome, has for you a service for CUSTOMERS WHO WANT MORE +commitment +dedication +VALUE + commitment With a unique preparation and experience in the real estate market, Albertino Fernandes puts all his dedication in giving him the best accompaniment, guiding him with the utmost confidence, in the right direction of his needs and ambitions. From now on, we will create a close relationship and listen carefully to your expectations, because our priority is your happiness! Because it's important that you feel that you're with someone, and that we're with you all the time. + dedication Albertino Fernandes has a unique training in the market, anchored in the sharing of practical experience among professionals and strengthened by the knowledge of applied neuroscience that allows them to simplify and make their real estate experience more effective. Leave behind bureaucratic nightmares because zome finds the full support of an experienced and multidisciplinary team that gives you practical support in all key aspects, so that your real estate experience exceeds expectations. + value The greatest value is to give you happiness! Get rid of worries and save the quality time you need to devote yourself to what makes you happier. We act daily to bring more value to your life with the reliable advice you need to achieve the best results together. With Albertino Fernandes you will never be lost or unaccompanied and you will find something that is priceless: its maximum tranquility! This is how you will feel throughout the experience: Quiet, safe, comfortable and... Happy!
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