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House • 1 Bath. • 120 m² • Ref: C0381-00158

House, old lagar located in the Zona de Condeixa. Very quiet place, integrated in the town of Robalia, parish of Ega, municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova.This locality is situated in a high area, overlooking the serra da Srª do Circulo, near Casmilo, where boracas de Casmilo is located, we also have a view over Condeixa.The accesses to Ega, Soure, Condeixa, Coimbra and Pombal, are very practical and fast, The knot of the A1 in Condeixa is relatively close as well as the IC2 which is 5 minutes away. The way of life is rural, with agricultural land, olive groves and pasture. The building is an old olive oil mill, it is quite degraded. It also has some of the equipment of olive oil production, already quite worn, but can serve for decoration. The building has good dimensions, and strategically located for the patio, which is slightly lower, and may have an unobstructed view to see your entire property. The building is structurally built in calcaria stone of the mountains of this area, ideal for keeping the view. Ruins of ConímbrigaLocal: ConímbrigaRuins of ConímbrigaArqueologiaThe ancient Roman city of Conímbriga is one of the richest archaeological sites in Portugal.One of the richest archaeological sites in Portugal, Conímbriga originated in a Celtic fort of the Conii tribe, at the end of the Iron Age. Occupied by the Romans from 139.C. and its fully Romanized population, it was under Emperor Augustus in the 19th century. II d.C. that the city knew its splendor, having been built then public termas and a Forum, whose reconstitution can be seen in Museu.Com the decline of the Empire in the late 19th century. IV, a monumental defensive wall was elevated, which did not prevent the assault of the city by the Suebi in 468 and the consequent decline of Conímbriga, which was deserted and the remaining inhabitants moved to Condeixa-a-Velha, further north. The large excavations carried out along the see. XX revealed a valuable and complex set of buildings, including a terme, an aqueduct that runs more than 3,400 meters from the fountain, and remains of a Christian basilica, probably from the 19th century. VI.The visitor will not fail to marvel at the sight of the noble houses that preserve magnificent floor in polychrome mosaics, especially the house of Cantaber, typical residence of the century. III is one of the largest in the western Roman world and the House of the Repuxos, with an area of 569 m2 paved with mosaic, ornamented with showy paintings illustrating mythological and everyday themes, where a landscaped central peristilo and with water games make it unique. Pay a visit, you will be received with responsibility and consideration in social networks and design that safeguard the correct promotion of your property. Your confidence makes us grow every dayNational Conflict Information and Arbitration Center of Consumo Century21, we share business with any consultant or real estate agency. If you are an industry professional and have a qualified buyer customer, contact me and schedule your visit. (ref:C0381-00158)




Living120 m²
Land120 m²


Energy efficiency ratingNo data
Environmental (CO₂) impact ratingNo data