Land for sale in Porto, Portugal

EUR 799,000


Plot of land • Ref: C0412-00238

Land with PIP (Request for Prior Information) approved for 10 fractions ( T1 and T 2 ) in which is expected 8 villas and 2 more apartments, 5m from campanhã station and the new intermodal terminal of Campanhã.Its location is privileged, not only for the quick accessibility it offers to the main road axes (VCI about 800m), as well as because it is a very well served area of public transport (train station , bus at the door and metro station of Campaign less than 400m), having in its vicinity as main points of reference the Alameda Shop & Spot Shopping Center at 1000m (old Dolce Vita) the Dragon Stadium at approximately 1000m and the city center at 2500m. Regarding the interior organization of the building, it is proposed the organization of the horizontal property housing program, in a total of 10 autonomous fractions, 2 apartments typology T1 and 8 apartments typology T2 duplex. The entrance to the building is located at the lower part of the lot, also located there, and in relation to the street, the place for deposit of municipal solid waste produced by the condominium. Accessing the interior of the building has access to a common corridor that serves as a distribution to the different fractions: the 8fractions of typology T2 duplex develop in the four volumes of two waters and two floors and are accessed by a common corridor parallel to the street; the typology fractions T1 located on floor 1 and 2 of the volume of three floors and 3 waters are accessed from an external stairs in the tardoz of this volume. Thus, in Floor 0, in addition to the spaces of common circulation and the space for depositing municipal solid waste previously described, we propose the existence of a condominium room in relation to the patio of the condominium and also the social floor of the typology fractions T2 duplex that work in fitting and with use of interior patios for lighting, aeration and visual chaining of the spaces they serve. On Floor 1, we propose the existence of an apartment T1 and also the private floor, with the rooms, of the types T2 duplexthat as mentioned earlier work in fitting and that also live from the relationship with the previously described patios. Last on The 2nd Floor, we propose an apartment typology T1. With regard to the natural lighting of the proposed program, the same whenever possible, and without compromising the control of the dadevassa, is placed on the existing facades and roofs (through skylights), however the most extensive bodies of the proposal were favored, fulfilling the dimensions legally required, thus ensuring natural lighting throughout the development of the program and enhancing a relationship with the exterior of the spaces they serve. To add that these patios were inscribed in the water facing south of these elongated volumes, ensuring a good quality of natural lighting throughout the yearProject located in the eastern part of the city of Porto, in a freeexpansion zone, for which some new recreational development projects are planned. The infrastructure will complete the intermodality of Campanhã Station, which already has the railway and Metro, being complete with the terminal for buses. The objective is to provide the Campanhã area with a platform covering stcp buses and private operators, urban and long-haul trains, metro and taxis. The project includes the construction of new access roads and parking spaces and will help remove traffic from Rua do Freixo. The Interface will constitute one of the main nodes of the public transport network, as a strategic interface of a ring contour of the city of Porto, working in conjunction with the interface of Casa da Música and the future interface of the Hospital de S. João. Reported in all the papers. For more information please contact us. Do not miss this investment opportunity, book your visit now (ref:C0412-00238)


Land1200 m²


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