Apartment for sale in Portimão, Portugal

EUR 320,000


Apartment • 4 room(s) • 3 Bath. • 136 m² • 2nd floor • Ref: AV85P RC 004

4 bedroom apartment under construction with 180 m2 of high quality located in Portimão. Configuration T4:- Entrance hall- Living room- Equipped kitchen- 4 Bedrooms 2 en suite- 3 WCApartment equipped with home automation system that controls all lights and electric blinds and underfloor heating. Pre installation of air conditioning. New 8-storey building made with energy-saving technology elements, with modern apartments T2, T3 and T4 on each floor. Located in the Industrial Center in Portimão, within walking distance of the Health Center, market and shops. Residential area without noise and situated 2.7 km from the beaches. Construction time from June 2021 to February 2023. Registration of the property until June 2023. To protect the environment, all 14 pine trees (7.5m to 12.5m) along the perimeter of the building will be maintained, giving the building a healthy, environmentally friendly and attractive appearance. In order to maximize the temperature retention of the building as a whole, the principle of the thermal bottle was applied, that is, the entire contour of the external surrounding structures has a thermal protection that exceeds the normative. In addition to the improved thermal insulation, the soundproofing of the facilities has been clearly improved by changing the floor structure, the support of the walls on the floor slabs, the structure of the walls between the apartments, and the structure of the doors leading to the apartments. The balcony grilles on the sides of the kitchen and living room, i.e. will have modern double glazing using TRIPLEX technology, with 8 mm floating glass with a film in the middle. In case of damage does not fall apart into life-threatening fragments and does not fall, remains intact and ensures the safety of people. Respecting the privacy requirements of potential customers, parts of the balconyonthe side of the room will have a solid concrete handrail suitable for installation from the top of the handrail to the ceiling of the structure. The building has been oriented so that each apartment of typology T2 has windows facing north and east. Each 3 bedroom apartment facing east and south and each 4 bedroom apartment facing south, west and north. The building will be painted mainly of bright white to reduce heating in hot seasons. The walls leading to the common hallway or the walls between apartments will be equipped with additional internal vertical soundproofing, according to the new technology and state-of-the-art materials. There will also be additional soundproofing of the brick walls of the concrete slab structure, which will not allow the sound/vibration to spread throughout the structure of the building during the renovation work of the apartment walls. Based on the experience of building and operation of buildings in cold weather, the thermal insulation of the walls around the perimeter of the building has been improved, increasing the air layer between the layers of the walls, and the thermal insulation of the roof has been improved by at least 33%, increasing the effective insulation layer in relation to the law, this allows future owners to save the energy costs spent on heating or cooling their apartments and creates a comfortable atmosphere in the common areas - entrances, lounges, stairs. There will also be an additional steam barrier on the roof that prevents thermal insulation from wetting from condensation moisture, even moisture from people's breathing and perspiration, and thus effectively prevents heat transfer. The roof-facing exterior and interior wall railings and all other walls that can get rain-soaked, including concrete balcony grilles, are covered with a natural stone with hydrophobic impregnation with 2 drips on both sides. In the long run, this will considerably reduce residents' expenses with cosmetics and repair of the building's exterior walls, so that the walls are less likely to get wet and dirty. The outlet of the ventilation pipes and chimneys on the roof is closed from atmospheric precipitation and protected with a fine mesh plastic grille against small birds and large incests entering the inside of the pipe. Elevators with a safety system that descends to the lower floor and opens the doors in case of power failure. A telephone line for communication is installed inside the cab. Solar panels for water heating and tanks of 200 and 300 liters of heated water for T2 and T3/T4 respectively. Solar panels will be installed to heat water by an electric heating element located inside the water tanks in automatic and manual mode. It is controlled from the apartment. The installation of a small-volume electric boiler in one of the kitchen drawers of the hot water supply system will allow residents of the apartments to have hot water immediately without waiting for it to be removed from the entire vertical system by an individual solar water heater. Additional sockets will be installed on the balconies, in addition to the washing machine socket, the number of sockets in the bathrooms has been increased. Soundproofing will be installed under the laminate floor in the rooms and in some other rooms to prevent the transfer of sound from the neighbors above and below. Large balconies are designed to be as wide as possible, well lit, while protecting the interior space of rooms from overheating when exposed to direct sunlight during the hot season. Natural air ventilation through electric blind boxes is provided to prevent the occurrence of fungi and mold. Special sounding of sewage pipes for the sound comfort of residents of drainage water noise. Wall and wall kitchens with teka brand built-in appliances or similar energy efficiency class. The package includes the following built-in appliances: oven, ceramic induction plate, hood, microwave oven, dishwasher and refrigerator, stainless steel washbasin integrated into the workbench. Kitchens include receptacles for separate waste collection. The kitchens will have 3 types of lighting: central ceiling lighting, above the upper cabinets and under neath the upper cabinets as additional lighting of the "work area". In the bathrooms comes equipped with electric wall towel racks. It also has purpose-built wheelchair access with a bathtub installed for people with disabilities. The entrance doors of the apartments are anti-theft, have steel bars included in the side metal structure, fire resistant, with greater security. We ordered additional sounding of these doors at the factory. Note: The images shown are illustrative for commercial purposes and the finishes and equipment shown are illustrative and may not correspond to the actual. Mark your visit.




Living136 m²


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