Palace in Elvas



Chalet • 43 room(s) • 8 Bed. • 4 Bath. • 1060 m² • Ref: 19913e38-45be-4b26-ba82-db910389665d

In one of the highest points of Elvas we find the Palácio Mesquita Pimentel, built in the 16th century by Luís de Mesquita Pimentel, noble knight of the city of Elvas In 1580, works were carried out, directed by the royal architect Juan de Herrera, to receive Filipe II of Spain (Philip I of Portugal) who lived here before leaving for Lisbon and made the palace the seat of the government of Portugal. Despite the alterations it suffered in the 18th and 19th centuries, the side façade is preserved, a corner window with columns, typical of Spanish architecture of the late 19th century. XVI. Inside, there is a large patio which is accessed from a portal surmounted by the coats of arms of the Mesquita Pimentel. Very significant is the large section of the first Islamic fence, built in the 16th century. IX, which runs through the building including the old Temple Gate of the same wall, with its original horseshoe arch and elbow entrance. This door was discovered in the 19th century. XIX by the then owner, Dr. Francisco de Paula Santa Clara, distinguished historian, typographer and Elven intellectual. In the 1590 m2 of construction we find 12 rooms on the ground floor, 18 rooms on the 1st floor and 13 rooms on the 2nd floor. Also part of the building is a patio, a spacious backyard and several terraces and balconies. This building, with public interest qualification, is perfect for a hotel. Come visit!




Living1060 m²
Land924 m²
Internal1590 m²


Energy efficiency rating