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Experience in the Real Estate sector of 16 years, we have gone through several crises in the sector and we are one of those who follow, we are specialized both in search of properties, and in finding the right buyer for each property that is entrusted to us for sale. We are a team of people with experience, who every year are more and more committed to their profession, for this purpose all those who make up the company, we prepare legally, with courses and preparation according to the changes that we are suffering every day in this sector at the legal and legal level. The sale takes us to the end, accompanying at all times both the seller and buyer, at the end of the transaction the two parties must be satisfied not only by the personal treatment received, but because everything is well done, legally. we are transparent, as to our fees, as with our work. In order for the seller to know what we are doing with their home, we report a weekly report of the visits and interested in housing, in this way together we make decisions according to the circumstances of each seller. In the team there are qualified agents, and preparing us as a Judicial Expert and experts in the Prevention of Money Laundering, all to give a better service to our clients.
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