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Hello I am a serious, professional real estate consultant with the ultimate goal of helping you sell your property. I value transparency and monitoring in the client/consultant relationship. I am a mother of three children, already grown, and divorced, which elevates my degree of commitment and commitment to my profession. I am a language teacher and have always worked with people, which has given me an excellent baggage for what I do, since I consider that this is a work of people for people and that what prevails is the service provided and not the number of properties I can raise. People's time is getting scarcer and more expensive, and I'm here to help you use your time for that, and those, that really matter. How much is your time worth? My experience in the field is not decades, but in the short time I consider having had, my results have exceeded what i expected and my growth as a professional and as a person has been really very motivating and even surprising. Although I also work in the open regime, I do not believe in the same because I consider it to be a "thief's fair" of real estate and a discredit of the owners of them. I believe that as we choose a doctor or a lawyer to take care of our family, we should also choose a real estate consultant for our property. The fact that we deal only with one person and that person is the exclusive agent of our property, generates more delivery and more sense of responsibility, so the service provided will have much more quality. Time is money, and my time has to generate money, so it has to be well spent and managed. I'm not here to collect real estate! I'm here to sell your property! I promise commitment, commitment, professionalism and rigour in everything I do. Trust me to sell your property, or another colleague who offers my services and the same commitment! Thanks!
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