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Our company is formed by a Young and Dynamic professional team with a common goal: To satisfy the demands of our Clients... I am dedicated to identifying high-yield real estate assets internationally and making them available to all types of investors in different parts of the world (from people looking to acquire a second home as a vehicle for savings and generating complementary income to large investment funds). Currently, real estate investment in Europe represents a great opportunity and I can help you take advantage of it. Our investments are 'hands free', which means that my team and I find the asset, analyze the profitability, negotiate its price, take care of reforming it and adding value, decorate it with home staging professionals and take care of its sale or rental. In this way, from wherever you live, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Spanish real estate market. Our Spanish Market currently provides unbeatable opportunities. Large Hotels on the Spanish Coast, Urban Hotels, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Rustic Farms, Gas Stations. Also Flats, Houses, Chalets, Penthouses, Loft, etc. ADVANTAGES OF INVESTING IN SPAIN: 1- High profitability. You could obtain a return up to 50% higher than investing in a second home in your country. And that does not include the potential revaluation of your asset or the future appreciation of the euro. 2- Great potential for appreciation. This is one of the best times to invest in countries like Spain. The economic cycle means that there is a great potential for revaluation of your investment and diversity of investment niches. 3- An investment in a safe and stable region. Europe is one of the safest and most politically and economically stable regions in the world. This gives greater legal certainty and greater guarantees for your investment. 4- Possibility to travel easily and enjoy your investment. Citizens of most Latin American countries do not need a visa to travel as tourists to the European Union (with the exception of nationals of Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic). In this way, you can enjoy a holiday in Europe whenever you want by making use of your property and renting it during the rest of the year through us. 5- Possibility of obtaining a "RESIDENCE AND WORK VISA" thanks to your investment. Thanks to the Spanish Golden Visa program, foreign citizens who make a real estate investment of 500,000 euros onwards can obtain a residence and work permit in Spain for themselves and their family. One of the Golden Visas with more advantages in the EU. 6- A path towards obtaining European citizenship. In the case of citizens of Latin American countries, it is possible to apply for Spanish citizenship after two years of legal residence in Spain. Having a Spanish passport not only allows you to live in Spain but you can settle and work in any other country of the European Union. 7- INVESTMENT HANDS FREE: I will be your partner in Europe, taking care of the entire investment process, from the identification of the asset, the analysis of its profitability, the negotiation of the best purchase conditions, the procedures with the administration, the set-up and the sale or rental of your property. In this way, regardless of your place of residence, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the SPANISH real estate sector. CONTACT: Mobile: +34 600508583 WEB:
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