Miguel Sá

Consultor Imobiliário at IadPortugal

About me

I am a consultant iad Portugal, real estate company that results from the internationalization of iad France, today the largest network of independent real estate consultants in France. The internationalization of iad already has the iad France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany. The iad group now has more than 18,000 real estate consultants and is based on a fully innovative and disruptive model, adapted to the 21st century real estate market. Iad came from a visionary concept that merges real estate and the web. Iad comes to dematerialize the agencies (stores), promoting a close relationship between the real estate consultant and the client, providing a more competitive service to those who want to buy, rent or sell a property, so I'm going to meet you. As an iad consultant I have access to the latest industry training and a platform of unique tools that allows me to provide a better service wherever you are. I have privileged access to a vast portfolio of real estate, a wide network of contacts and exclusive software that allow me to have a deep knowledge of the real estate market. I easily find the ideal solution for the realization of your project. Benefit from a complete, uncomplicated service and at the best price. I have the necessary autonomy to guarantee you a personalized follow-up in the realization of your project. Now make an appointment without obligation or contact me for more information about any iad property. I guarantee full monitoring in all stages of the purchase process, going through the credit to the deed. I will be happy to contribute to the realization of your real estate project.
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