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Building Your Future Before you decide which home you want to buy, think about your lifestyle, your current and future needs and your budget. Perhaps the most important decision is what type of house you are looking for. An apartment, a villa, a gated community… Although buyers today use the internet to access properties for sale on the market, always consider the service of a real estate agent. This is an asset in the acquisition process as it is able to provide you with more and better opportunities, to analyze available information, to clarify doubts and to deal with the necessary documentation by sharing your experience with you. That is why buying and selling a home is a very important step for you. So, too, I'm here to help you decide better. And to have all the confidence in me I will respond seriously, honestly and with dedication to your choices, values and needs. Among my basic characteristics are: adaptability, good humor, dynamism, responsibility, perfectionism, self-demand, dedication to work and good relationship in general. Always count on me, Paulo Nicolau your Business Partner (*) At KW we share 50% business with all AMI licensed real estate consultants or agencies.
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