Paulo Alexandre Anastacio

Gestor imobiliário - Property Manager at eXp Portugal

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ABOUT ME Accountant and Manager of academic training, but such qualifications only became extremely useful to complete this activity that I fall in love with, and hence two MBA's, one in Promotion and Real Estate Management and the other in Real Estate Valuation was a one step. I was born in Angola, city of Nova Lisboa, today Huambo, but I grew up in the Algarve and so I consider myself Portimonense. Descendant of a family that always knew what it is to work from an early age to ensure the best for the family and their descendants. Educated not to be afraid of work, and to do what one likes and do it in we are good, to do with passion and honestly, I thank you for all the motivation and education that my parents gave me. I grew up in real estate, and at the age of 11 I was already selling real estate built by my father, with him I learned the secrets, methodologies and with him I achieved a huge personal development. I learned that to grow one begins from the little, and join another little. This to say what? Not everything is a sea of roses, success is only achieved because there are obstacles, and with persistence, commitment, a lot of dedication and heart, I managed to overcome them, was and will always be necessary to give up a lot of good things, and only then success is built. Academicly and professionally speaking, I am, Accountant and Manager, Real Estate Appraiser, Real Estate Manager, Real Estate and Sales Director, Entrepreneur, Professional Real Estate Consultant, Credit Intermediary Certified by Banco de Portugal, with experience in the Portuguese and African market (São Tomé and Príncipe, Angola, Ghana, Gabon, Cape Verde) My focus is to learn more about real estate, and continue to help people sell and buy their homes, make the best investments.
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