Land for rent, Rua do Espido, in Maia, Portugal


Maia, Rua do Espido

Plot of land • Ref: ZMPT540066

Identificação do imóvel: ZMPT540066

Land in Industrial Maia area, 1460m², for construction of warehouse, next to the EN13, in front of STET / CATERPILLAR, close to SONAE. Excellent location, good access to the A41, A28, A4.

Without PIP (Prior Information Plan) approved. According with that contained in the Maia Municipal Master Plan (PDM), the portion is classified as:
1 - “Urban soil”, covered by Operational Qualification of “Urbanized Soil” and Functional Qualification, in Category of “Spaces of Economic Activities”, subcategory of “Areas of Industry and Storage ”;


Areas of storage industry Article 65

Identification and uses:
1 - The areas of industry and storage integrate the spaces occupied predominantly by industrial and complemented by services, commerce, hotel establishments and equipment to support these activities.
2 - In these areas, priority is given to installation of research and technology spaces, namely equipment and public and private services for scientific research and technological and which favor the formation and dissemination of scientific knowledge and technological, and the municipality must create tax incentives that promote installation of these units.
3 - In these areas it is not allowed to housing, except for security and surveillance personnel or non-permanent occupation and included in undertakings that promote research and technological training and provided that the pavement surface does not exceeds 10% of the gross construction area of the total project.

Article 66

Regime of buildability:
1 - New construction or expansion of existing buildings the following provisions apply:

- Volumetric index not exceeding 7.0 m³ / m²
- Soil waterproofing index maximum 80%

- Existence within each lot space necessary for the movement of loads and discharges, as well as the own parking, without prejudice to the normal flow of traffic on the roads public;

- Compliance with sealing plans or facade, the height of the façades and the type of relationship with the public space existing in the contiguous parcels or lots already occupied in that urban front, in the case of the occupation of free buildings in a consolidated urban front.
2 - Except for the previous number, following situations:
A. Hotel establishments, for for which the maximum utilization rate is 1.0;
B. Clogging situations, in which new constructions or extensions to existing buildings will respect the fencing or facade plans of adjoining buildings and will establish the volumetric articulation with them.

3 - When the industrial units or storage areas about housing areas, it is mandatory to guarantee in those a continuous green strip of protection, with a depth of not less than 20 meters, consisting of tree species with the objective of minimizing the impacts visual and environmental effects of industrial activity.
4 - In free spaces there waterproofed, especially in the protection bands between buildings with activities incompatible with the housing function and the boundaries of the lot, their treatment as wooded green spaces is required, in a strip never less than 50 meters, without prejudice to ensuring the possibility of access to the bypass emergency vehicles.

LOCATION: Privileged location. Land located on the side of the EN13, in front of STET / CATERPILLAR - PORTO, approximately 250 meters from SONAE SGPS, S.A. FEATURES: Embedded land with a rectangular shape, with a small south corner. One facing the EN13, with 37 meters, at Southwest. 138 meters in length. Width corresponds to 25% of the length. Perimeter: 309 meters Elevation levels: EN13 level: 44.4 meters; Terrain dimensions: variable from 52.8 meters to 55.7 meters. Current occupation with diverse vegetation and some trees. Front with slope access. Recent coating of the front slope to gabions, at the initiative of CMMaia. Possibility of a second access to the land subject to authorization by the neighboring factory, at Rua Ernesto São Simão. METRO TRANSPORT: 1150 meters from the Metro Line, in Custió. DISTANCES: - on the face of the EN13 - 25 meters from STET / CATERPILLAR - PORTO - 250 meters away from SONAE SGPS, S.A. - 800 meters away from JARDILAND - 800 meters away from CIN - DISTRIBUTION CENTER - 1,150 kms in a straight line from the Metro Line - Custió - 1,200 kms away from the A41 - 1,800 kms away from Maia City Hall - 5,600 kms away from the A4 - 5,900 kms away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport - 8,300 kms away from the A28 - 9800 meters away from the A1 EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURES: - Gas Supply Network - Telecommunications Network - Public Drinking Water Supply Network - Public Domestic Water Drainage Network - Rainwater Collectors - Optical fiber SURFACE AREAS: Total land area: 1460 m²

NOTE: For better identification of this property, please refer ID ZMPT540066. In case of scheduling visit, be accompanied by an identification document. Thank you! Best regards,


Land2682 m²

Rua do Espido, Maia

Energy efficiency ratingNo data
Environmental (CO₂) impact ratingNo data