Warehouses with a total of 11.090m2 on a plot of 12.210m2 in the Industrial Complex Caves do Freixo, Rua do Comércio, EN235, Parish of Sangalhos, Municipality of Anadia.



Warehouse • 50 room(s) • 11090 m² • Ref: e911dc13-be51-42f0-b101-f27eef016cf2

The property known as the "Caves do Freixo", by the company that worked there, corresponds to industrial facilities for the storage and marketing of wine, with a gross construction area total of 10.512m2, divided by 3 destintes buildings: The building, (A), on the face of the EN235, which functions as the main public entrance, presents on the ground floor the social areas, with reception room for customers and bar, kitchen, support warehouse and interior patio, this patio that allows a good natural lighting of the internal spaces. On the 1st floor are the offices, laboratories and several support rooms. In structural terms, it has a structure in reinforced concrete, with brick masonry walls and sloping roof coated with ceramic tile. At the level of finishes, the floors are mostly covered with ceramic material, although in some spaces the floor is covered with carpet or wood. The walls are plastered and painted or coated with ceramic material. The tardoz of this building is another, (B), of 3 floors, being a ground floor and 2 floors in basement. The ground floor is formed by several industrial ships with a right foot of approximately 5m, having 2 loading docks and discharges to tardoz, with access by a patio. The basement floors, with access either by stairs or by load-mounted, have a right foot of about 3m, and constitute the wine cellars themselves. The structure is reinforced concrete, with brick masonry walls and cover composed of sandwich panels, based on metal structure. The floor is in screed and the walls are plastered and painted. Some spaces have vaulted ceilings. These two buildings are connected to each other at floor level -1.  The 3rd building, (C), is separated from the other 2 buildings, by Rua do Pedregal. It consists of 2 warehouses, with different entrances, and where wine storage cement vats are located. These warehouses have reinforced concrete structures and masonry walls. With regard to the roof, part is in fiber cement based on metallic structure and another part with wood structure coated with ceramic tile.  The property has two entrances of independent vehicles, one by EN235 and another by Pedregal Street.  Located in the center of the parish of Sangalhos, next to the EN235, road that connects the municipalities of Oliveira do Bairro, Anadia and Mealhada, being still close to the access node of AE A1 (Lisbon / Porto) and IC2. Areas and Marketing Values: Gross Construction Area: 11,090 m2 Total Land Area: 12,210 m2 Building Implementation Area: 6,340 m2 Gross Dependent Area: 910 m2  Gross Private Area: 10,180 m2




Living11090 m²
Internal11090 m²


Energy efficiency rating