Building for sale, Braga, in Parada de Gatim, Portugal


Parada de Gatim, Braga

Commercial building • 150 m² • Ref: 16972659-MI-2852

Restaurant Trespasse in Moure - Vila Verde!
Restaurant in operation fully furnished and equipped.
Composed of:
Kitchen and Warehouse
- 2 Barbecues: 1 charcoal (3 grilles and 7skewer) and 1 Gresilva gas (2 grilles)
- 2 Ovens: 1xConvector Industrial and 1x Electric
- 1 Industrial stove (6 nozzles + 2 integrated gas ovens)
- 2 Exhaust machines
- Barbecue support cabinet
- 1 Industrial freezer (meat, fish/vegetables, made-up)
- 2 refrigerators and 3 freezers
- 2 Industrial Fryers (15L each)
- 3 supported industrial colour board stalls (red/blue/green)
- Industrial Dishwasher with bilateral banking
- Industrial Machines (Peeling potatoes, cutting ham, scale, cut potatoes)
- Multiple storage cabinets
- Capacity for 40 people
- Terrace for 20 people
- Coffee, dishwasher, tobacco
- Counter with 4 freezers
- Refrigerated display showcase
- Exhibitor Ark of Drinks and Ice Cream Ark Hello
- Storage cabinets and Wine Cellar
- Toaster 2 levels
- Air conditioning
-Rent value: 550€
Excellent location near the national road 201, minutes from Braga and Vila Verde.
NOTE: Possibility of rental with the value of 1300€.

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Living150 m²


Parada de Gatim

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