Building for sale, Avenida de São Miguel - Impares de 9 a 585, in Carcavelos, Portugal

Carcavelos, Avenida de São Miguel - Impares de 9 a 585

Industrial building • 1 Bath. • 95 m² • Ref: ZMPT553100


Space with 100 m2, large of origin, with bathroom. At the moment, it is with interior partitions and can be used as a warehouse and / or office. Very quiet area with easy and quick road access. Very easy for loading and unloading trucks.

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2. For ease in identifying this property, please refer to its ZMPT ID.




Living95 m²

Avenida de São Miguel - Impares de 9 a 585, Carcavelos

Energy efficiency ratingNo data
Environmental (CO₂) impact ratingNo data